Letter From Father Expedit

A Big Thank You From Uganda

Dear Friends,
I greet you all on behalf of my community here in Uganda.
I convey my condolences to Fr. Jesus Cuadros who lost both of his parents and all those who have lost loved ones. I also thank you for all your prayers for my mother who passed away in March. We pray that they may all join the risen Lord in heaven.
Allow me to express our sincere gratitude to you all for the donations you gave for our school during Lent and the Easter time. I thank the members of START for their sale of crosses and pretzels that raised $ 1,037.00. We are grateful to Suzanne Simonetti who made the pretzels and of course all those who bought them. Special thanks also go to the children of the liturgy of the word and their teachers who raised $ 682 from the mite boxes. We thank Mary Gallegos who made a very special contribution to this donation with her beautiful letter.
In addition to these donations we also received contributions from individuals that totaled $ 1,365.00. Together with these donors I also thank those who have been supporting us at various times.
I am glad to inform you that with these donations we have been able to put in all the windows and doors as well as to work on the floors. Our school looks so different and the students are already using it despite being incomplete. Our next phase is the external and internal plastering as well as the ceiling finish.
We are very grateful for the sacrifices you make to help us despite the difficult economic situation. Allow me to conclude by thanking the people who work as bridges between you and me as far as this project is concerned. These include Fr. Jesus Cuadros, Ms. Edith Newman, Mrs. MaryAnne Walsh, Mrs. Dorothy Negron and Mrs. Dora Hanrahan. I thank them for their time and effort.
May the Good Lord continue to bless you all.
Fr. Expedit Sserunjogi
Updated pictures on the progress of building the new school: