I greet you all dear friends of Holy Family and St. Thomas Aquinas Church. First of all I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you all for your support to our school. I thank you in a special way for the donations you made on Palm Sunday through the purchase of the crosses made and sold by the youths of our parish. From these crosses you were able to give us $ 1,145 for which we are very grateful. In addition to this many of you donated to us through the CLOW rice bowls which raised $562. We thank you for your sacrifices and generosity. Allow me to thank MaryAnne and members of START and all those involved in special way for working so hard to make these donations possible. Let me also express my gratitude to the pastor Fr. Jesus Cuadros for supporting you as you support our school. Special thanks also go to Edith Newman who keeps the records and makes the transfer of funds from the US to Uganda, Thank you Edith!
As I informed you in my last update we decided to invest some of the donations in our projects so that we can also support ourselves and be able to grow food for our students’ lunch. I am glad to inform you that our poultry project is doing very well. Out of the 500 layers we have, we get an average of 400 eggs a day which gives us a profit of about $ 30 a week. We have a plan of expanding the projects with time.
The two acres of the banana plantations are doing well but of course we have to wait for a full year before we can start harvesting. We also have beans and corn which when harvested will be the food for our students and teachers and the chickens will use the maize brand as part of their food
However, we had a minor set back as our first head teacher left us suddenly at the beginning of the second semester which began on May 24, 2010. Thank God we have been able to get replacement and things are back to normal. We have a total of 150 students but as of now about 30 students have not yet reported because the parents have not yet been able to get the tuition for the semester.
With this update I am sending some photos mainly with regard to our projects.
Once again, I thank you for your love and support. May God bless you ALL!!