I greet you all dear friends of Holy Family and St. Thomas Aquinas Church
I thank you for all the support you give us to support our school here in Uganda.
On February 4, we opened our academic year 2010 with 153 students and 6 teachers. One of our goals this academic year is to have some self –help projects supplement the tuition and the donation we get mostly from you.
At the moment we have two major projects that we have started. One is a poultry project with 500 chickens for eggs. If all goes well in June we might start getting some eggs for sale. A second project we have begun is banana growing. So far we have 350 banana plants expected to start yielding in about one year’s time. Agriculture in our country is still a very risky business as we entirely depend on God’s mercy to give us rain at the right time. Without rain water is a big problem. In the photos you will see how we struggle to get a bit of water in the dry season. But thank God, right now we have rain.
Besides giving us income, we also use these projects to teach our children modern ways of farming using the local materials we have. Therefore, twice a week the students work in the projects to make a contribution as well as to learn what we do and why we do it.
We are very grateful to you all for your support which has enabled us to put up these projects. We pray that they give us what we expect out of them.
I wish you a very blessed Easter.
Fr. Expedit Sserunjogi