Food Pantry


We help those in need!

Food Pantry 1b

Share your bread with the hungry!

Food Pantry distribution takes place on the 4th Saturday of every month! from 10 a.m. to noon. Come to the Auditorium entrance located on 4th Avenue between 8th Street & 9th Street.
Our food closets are empty! We are in need of cereal, paper towels, toilet tissue, coffee, tea, soup and tuna.
Many thanks to all our benefactors who support the Food Pantry!
PLEASE NOTE: We know you mean well, but the Food Pantry cannot accept donations of clothing. We do not have proper storage space and we’ll be forced to throw your donations of clothing away. We wouldn’t want that to happen!

Despensa de Comida

¡Nosotros ayudamos a todos aquellos que estan en necesidad!

Para marzo necesitamos lo siguiente: tuna, vegetales, arroz, frutas, papel higienico, papel de toalla.


To each and every one of you who have donated food to our Food Pantry this year. Without you, we would not be able to assist all those who come to us each month for help meeting their basic food needs. We sincerely thank the people of St. Saviour parish for their commitment to help those in need through our Food Pantry.

“What more could Christ tell us? In what other way could He more earnestly arouse us to works of mercy or justice, than by telling us that what is given to the needy and the poor is given to Him; and that He is offended when the poor or the needy are denied? So that he who in the Church is not moved by the distress of a brother may be moved by beholding Christ in him, and that he who has no thought for a fellow servant in poverty and need will have a thought for the Lord dwelling in the one whom he turns away.
The means to propitiate God are given us in God’s very words. The divine teachings make clear to us what sinners must do; make satisfaction to God by good works: and that sins are purged away by the rewards of mercy. The Holy Spirit has declared this to us in the psalms: Blessed is he that understands concerning the needy and the poor, for in the day of evil the Lord shall deliver him.”
St. Cyprian