Our School Gets Desks.
Greetings to all of you from Uganda. I hope you had a good summer. I was told it was not as hot as it can be at times.
Here in Uganda our weather is always very good, yes, sometimes it gets hot but no humidity, this makes a big difference. One day, I know you will come to visit.
This time I am writing to share a lot of good news with you friends. First of all, with the donations you made during Lent and the Easter Season we have been able to buy desks for all our students in our school. All the students (150) can now sit comfortably and learn and even learn to write something that was impossible before we got the desks.
Thanks to Ms. Carmen Novas who offered the American doll that made a lot of money for and to all of you who bought the tickets. Again, we thank Carmen Novas who sold children’s clothes that raised more money ($ 490.69) from these proceeds we have been able to make 66 desks that are enough for us at the moment. In future, we may need more desks because the parents are bringing us a lot of children but we do not have enough classrooms to accommodate them. So, we send many of them away until we have more buildings. People love our schools because there is emphasis on religion and cleanliness and discipline. I am very strict on in those areas in our school, no compromise.


Six Needy Parishes Received Mass Vestments from you.
I would like to thank the team that was headed by Mrs. Dora Hanrahan and Deacon John Flannery who collected the mass vestments and put them together to ship them to me. Then thanks also to Dora and her sister Fran who paid for the shipping to Uganda. Six parishes have benefited from this offer as each parish got two mass vestments.


Several Children Got Rosaries.
Many thanks go to the Rosary Society of St. Thomas Aquinas Church who took the trouble to make these rosaries and shipped them to Uganda. Several children from our school had the first share. But I also gave rosaries to some children in the church where I normally say mass on Sundays when I am at the seminary near the city. These children were getting ready for First Holy Communion. As usual I had to promise many children that they will get rosaries when we get more. Thanks to the members of the Rosary Society of St. Thomas Aquinas church under the leadership of Anna Moa for this offer. I told the children to pray for you always. They love to say the rosary, but what I have noticed is that all the Catholic children even those public schools here in Uganda are not afraid of wearing the rosaries they love them.
Pray for us and we shall pray for you as well. The faith is growing well here and you have played a big role in this growth. May God bless you all for your various contributions.


Fr. Expedit’ Book Has Been Published.
My PHD dissertation that I did at Fordham University was appreciated and the Lambert Academic Publishers in Köln Germany, looked for me to give them permission to publish it and sell it worldwide. When you see it please support by buying as some of the proceeds will help our school and part of it will support me personally since priests in Uganda have no other means of support provided.
The more the book sells the better for the school and for me. The book is called
“Implementing Universal Primary Education in Uganda. By Expedit Sserunjogi” (It is in English) NB: I am working on some other books in the field of education in Africa.
That is enough for this time. May God bless you all.
Yours in Christ,
Fr. Expedit