Dear Friends,
I greet you all and send you warm greetings from the students, teachers, and parents of St. Mary’s School. They all send you their appreciation and prayers for all the financial, spiritual, and moral support you give us. I have the pleasure to inform you that with the financial support you gave us when I visited you in August 2013 we have been able to improve on our school facilities particularly in the in the following areas ~ We have purchased two plastic water tanks (6,000 liters each) at the cost of $ 1,815. These tanks have been installed at the cost of $ 1,270. This installation involved the following: ~ Putting face boards around the entire building to hold the gutters ($224) ~ Gutters and pipes and several other fitting gadgets ($403) ~ Cement ($150) ~ Bricks ($60) ~ Sand ($40) ~ Paint ($40) ~ Transport ($150) ~ Labor ($202). We were advised to build a concrete wall around the tanks to protect them from people who might damage them as they desperately look for water in the dry season. Additionally we purchased 20 new desks. Each desk cost ($28) totaling $560. Plus furniture for our Staff Room & Head Teacher’s Office ~ 1 desk for the head teacher ($68) ~ 1 table for the staff room ($60) ~ 10 Chairs ($240) ~ I book shelf ($52) ~ 1 bench ($20).
MORE good news is that for the very first time our students have participated in the National Primary Leaving Examinations. According to the system of education in Uganda, students who reach the seventh grade have to do these national examinations to determine whether they can join high school or not. These examinations include Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies. Ten of our students sat for these examinations in November and their performance will help us to know how we stand as compared to other schools in the district and in the country.
Our hope and dreams for the future is for the construction of additional classrooms. The only permanent building we have at the moment contains only four classrooms, yet we have seven grades. We have started making contacts with some charitable foundations to see if they can assist us in this area. In order to uplift the academic standard of St. Mary’s School we realize that have to onstruct teachers’ residences near the school. This will enable us to recruit good and well qualified teachers to teach in our school. At the moment we are using only local teachers who live with parents or relatives because we have no other alternative.
I would like to express our sincere appreciation to you for the sacrifices you make to support our school projects and to help us to pay the teachers’ as well as to meet several other costs of running this school. Allow me to thank the pastor Fr. Jesus Cuadros in a special way, for allowing and wholeheartedly supporting this union between Holy Family and St. Thomas Aquinas church and Mary’s School.
On December 5th, 2013 St. Mary’s closed to for our longest holidays in the year. They will return the end of January 2014 to begin a new academic year. We are very grateful for all you have done for us in 2013 and we wish you blessed New Year. God bless you all.
Fr. Expedit Sserunjogi